VikingJarl is a fun and exciting strategy game about Vikings and Norse Mythology.As a player, you start of as one of four Jarls, and the goal is to sail,trade and plunder your way to the title of “King of Kaupang”.

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Board layout

VikingJarl is designed for 2-4 players, and is suitable for everybody from age 12 and up. An average round will take about 60 minutes. Includes over 260 playing cards and pieces:
43 viking miniatures
8 Viking ship and army miniatures
54 Saga cards
7 dices
1 custom dice
35 settlement and town tags
Settlement cards
Silver coins
Victory points
Jarl player boards

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Saga Cards

The Saga-cards depict several of the mightiest gods, heroes and relics from Norse Mythology.Collecting the right ones can dramatically alter your fortune during your endeavours in the game.


VikingJarl is a turn-based strategy game for up to 4 people.Through trading, raiding, fighting and colonization, the player builds upon his power in order to achieve the ultimate goal of calming the throne and securing the title of “King of Kaupang”.

Handcrafted pieces

Unparalleled norwegian design with reindeerskin and moltekrem
Unparalleled norwegian design with reindeerskin and moltekrem
Unparalleled norwegian design with reindeerskin and moltekrem

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